WXNA Update 2013

Howdy Walnuts,

Thank you to those who attended our 2013 General Meeting.

We’d like to welcome our new Vice-President, Jon Sullivan and our new committee chairs; Joelle Jordan (Planning Committee), Patricia Raine (Garage Sale Committee), Sabrina Joplin (Garden Committee) and Carol Henderon (Holiday Decorating Committee).

Kernan Hornburg remains as President and Angelique Duncan as Treasurer.

The WXNA 2013 General Meeting Minutes have been posted on the website here.

2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt/Pot-luck Luncheon

I would like to proudly announce Walnut Crossing’s 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt/Pot-luck luncheon on Saturday, March 30th at 11:00 to 2:00, the Egg Hunt beginning at 11:30. Please bring your kids to participate in this event. It will be hosted at Balcones Park on Scribe. If you haven’t paid your dues, this would be a great opportunity to do so. Since it’s a Pot-Luck Luncheon you can bring any food you would like, but you can also expect hotdogs fresh off the grill along with many other snacks and foods, so don’t think you are required to bring anything. Please RSVP in the comments section below and please list the food or drink item if you are contributing anything.

It’s My Park Day – 2013

It's My Park Day

Walnut Crossing and Milwood Neighborhood Associations are partnering with local apartment communities for a general cleanup of Balcones Park for IT’S MY PARK DAY on Saturday, March 2nd from 9AM to Noon.

A follow-up event is also planned for April 13th, Austin Clean Sweep 2013, to address issues outside of the park.

Please click on the logo and signup today. We hope to see you there!

Huge Pile of Trash

Huge Pile of Trash

Wow, we picked up a lot of trash!

Walnut Creek Trail – Council Agenda Item #9 – Feb. 14th

Public Works assures us they’ll continue to work with us throughout construction as evidenced in their recommendation to Council;

“This project will construct a new trail on the Walnut Creek Greenbelt to connect Balcones Park to Walnut Creek Metro Park through the greenbelt. The trail will be approximately three miles long and consist of ten foot wide concrete trail, two foot shoulders, approximately nine creek crossings by bridge or culvert crossing and two trailheads.

The project team has met with the affected neighborhoods and will provide ongoing communication with all property owners who will potentially be affected by the construction. Communication with these groups will continue throughout the construction phase.

Due to the potential for unknown subsurface conditions and utility conflicts when working in the right of way, a 5% contingency in funding has been included to allow for the expeditious processing of any change orders. The contract allows 365 calendar days for completion of the project. Construction is anticipated to start in March 2013 and continue until February 2014. This project is located within zip code 78759 and 78758 and is managed by the Public Works Department.”

Documents here.

Recent Statesman article here.

Emergency E-Vote – To Oppose COA Council Amending Resolution No. 20121206-074

It just came on the radar that the Austin City Council will vote at Thursday’s council meeting to allow four lobbyists to be appointed to the eleven member Land Development task force.

Sponsored by Council Member Bill Spelman and co-sponsed by Council Member Sheryl Cole and Mayor Lee Leffingwell here.
Proposed amendment here.

This is clearly not allowed. See City Code § 2-1-21c

Kernan Hornburg is calling for this to be an emergency of the board and therefore needs immediate action, the e-vote will have to be 24 hours not 72. If you object, vote accordingly below.

“Should WXNA object to Council Item 29, Amendment of Resolution No. 20121206-074 and authorize the board to lobby the Austin City Council?”

First Name
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Please enter the email address registered with WXNA.
Vote to reduce e-vote from 72 hours to 24.
Vote to oppose Council amending Resolution No. 20121206-074