E-Vote – 10/20 Event Proposed Road Closures

This is an official e-vote for dues paying members. If you haven’t paid your 2013 dues you can pay via PayPal (Join Now!) on the right sidebar.

“Should WXNA object to the 10/20 event proposed road closures on Sunday, April 14th?”

Details about road closures here.

Info about the event can be found here.

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General Meeting 2013

Howdy Walnuts and a Happy New Year to all!

We’ll hold our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 7th at 6:30 P.M at the Milwood Library. Our three member board holds one year terms and our election will be held then. If you have an interest in running please let us know.

Please renew your $12 yearly dues via Paypal before the meeting if you can. We’ll still accept cash, checks and credit cards the night of, but please arrive early. Reminder, only dues paying members can vote.

Wrap-up of 2012; we yet again held a successful Independence Day, National Night Out, Neighborhood Garage Sale, Halloween Food Drive and our 1st Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you to all our volunteers, but we always need more of you!

To bring folks up to speed on what’s been happening;

1. Scribe Drive between Amherst and Forsythe will be getting three speed mitigation devices. A petition has been signed by 32 of 45 houses so far, all in support, which will decide where we end up in funding. This petition only involves 45 houses on Scribe Drive selected by the City of Austin Transportation Department.

2. Work is to begin on the Walnut Creek Trail, commonly referred to as the “Trail to Nowhere” (but it looks like that will finally change!), very soon. The contract bid winner has been recommended by City of Austin Public Works and will go for council approval next month. We’ll have a better idea of when construction will start shortly thereafter.

Stepping into 2013 we still have our sights set on a sidewalk on Adelphi and as always; a commitment to improving the safety, property values and character of our little neighborhood.

There’s always been discussion in the past about things folks would like to start doing or continue doing, so if you have any suggestions or would like to get something going, please let the board know.

City of Austin Planning & Development Review Dept.

The City of Austin is still sending written useless snail mail notices to the Neighborhood Association yet there still seems to be no way to see the actual text of the proposed ordinances. They’re only available after the City Council approves them. The only online info is here.

I placed a call to the City Planning and Review Department back in May to attempt to address this and never heard back from anyone. This issue needs to be brought to light as these notices are a waste of our tax dollars because they provide useless information and could just as easily be posted online or sent electronically. I’m not done with this one, just getting started.

Having said that, I’ve posted them here.