On Thursday, March 22, Anderson held an informational program on class rank. This meeting was held in response to a recent AISD Board Meeting where discussion ensued about LASA's and the Ann Richards School's desire to eliminate ranking those students outside of the Top 10%. By law, the Top 10% of students must be ranked so not ranking only pertains to those students in the other 90%. UT Director of Admissions Dr. Kedra Ishop presented the audience with admissions information and the process that UT goes through when looking at applicants who attend high schools that do not rank beyond the Top 10%. She said those particular applicants are evaluated holistically. Unofficial UT numbers show that during this winter, UT received 35,500 applications, of which 25,650 are Texas residents and 10,400 were students in the Top 9% of their class. They admitted 16,399 students of which 13,200 of these are from Texas. In addition to Dr. Ishop's comments, Sarah Frankenfeld presented the research she gathered from various Texas school districts that have studied this issue, as well as other colleges' opinions on this topic. What was discovered is that the decision to rank is a much discussed topic all over the country. School districts have formed task forces that spent many months looking into this subject. The discussion at Anderson's meeting only touched on the surface of this very complicated subject. From this point, it appears that the district will need to decide if this discussion is something they want to continue to pursue and if so, what the plan of action will be. We will keep you posted via the Trojan Times for more information on this topic.